Indica Monroe - إنديكا مونرو

Indica Monroe - إنديكا مونرو
  • البلد: United States
  • المدينة: Phoenix
  • العمر: 20
إنديكا مونرو هو ممثل افلام اباحية Indica Monroe was born on June 17, 2001, somewhere in the state of Idaho. Later, her family moved to Phoenix, Arizona where she grew up and lives now. By her face, you would never think that she has a Latin heritage, but it is purely visible in her fierce actions. She is a brunette who has green eyes full of life and a cheerful smile. The first thing that you have to know is that she is pregnant. She said that her tits earlier had a size of 34B, and now they are sized 34C. Her ass is curved and firm. She has a tattoo on her right thigh, and her left nostril is pierced. After she lost her virginity with a boy from her neighborhood, she says that she became...
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Indica Monroe - إنديكا مونرو - افلام ممثل الاباحية

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