Jazmin Luv - جازمين لوف

Jazmin Luv - جازمين لوف
  • البلد: United States
  • المدينة: Houston
  • العمر: 22
جازمين لوف هي ممثلة افلام اباحية Jazmin Luv is one of the prettiest new porn stars in the porn industry. She was born in Houston, Texas, in 1999. All over, she is stunningly gorgeous. This dark-haired beauty has long hair, brown eyes and a lovely smile. Her petite body takes your breath away even when she is dressed. She has small perky tits that have a size of 34B. Her little ass deserves all compliments and words of praise. She has numbers 1999 separately tattooed on four fingers of the left hand and a small tattoo on the top of the middle finger. Jazmin lived an ordinary life before porn. She did various jobs: in retail, she was an assistant in a beauty salon and a nanny. She also work...
الموقع الرسمي: n/a

Jazmin Luv - جازمين لوف - افلام ممثل الاباحية

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